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wastewater odors from ponds and lagoons
Ecosorb at WorkOdor Science
August 19, 2019

Application Diversity Makes Ecosorb Complete Solution for Wastewater Odors

This is an excerpt of an article featured in the January 2018 issue of Water & Wastes Digest. Aimed to convert wastewater into effluent, the process of wastewater treatment is one of the most common forms of pollution control in the U.S. However, the impact…
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sunny field
Odor Science
May 16, 2019

Why Odors Get Worse as Weather Warms

The science behind the stink of spring and summer. As warm weather of spring and summer draw near, it seems like nasty odors are more common. It may be the waft of waste smells from the local landfill,  wastewater treatment facility, or the heightened odor…
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marijuana plant
Ecosorb at Work
January 18, 2019

Why Marijuana Plants Smell: The Science of Cannabis Odors

The strong odors produced by growing cannabis are often described as pungent, skunky, floral, fruity, or even “sewer-like.” Created by the plant’s essential oils (terpenes), odors are strongest when the flower is budding. Some odors from cannabis farms have been detected more than a mile…
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206A / 606A

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Asphalt additive


Asphalt additive

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