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marijuana plant
Ecosorb at Work
January 18, 2019

Why Marijuana Plants Smell: The Science of Cannabis Odors

The strong odors produced by growing cannabis are often described as pungent, skunky, floral, fruity, or even “sewer-like.” Created by the plant’s essential oils (terpenes), odors are strongest when the flower is budding. Some odors from cannabis farms have been detected more than a mile…
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Dr. Laura Haupert shows guests new R&D facility
Product & Company News
January 3, 2019

OMI Industries Celebrates the Grand Opening of New Research and Development Center

OMI Industries, a world-leading provider of natural odor control solutions is pleased to announce opening of its new 5,000 sq. ft. research and development center located in Rising Sun, Indiana. OMI Industries CEO and Managing Director Phil Coffey, along with Rising Sun Indiana Mayor Brent…
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Ecosorb at Work
February 21, 2018

Activ International Reduces Food Processing Odor Fines With Help From OMI Industries

In the food-processing arena, foul odors can vary widely, and can be very difficult to fully mitigate. In addition, production facilities located close to neighboring residents and businesses, are susceptible to odor complaints and can even be fined by state and local government agencies. For…
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Asphalt additive


Asphalt additive

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