Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common Ecosorb questions.

What is Ecosorb?

Since 1986, Ecosorb® has been used to remove industrial odors worldwide. Instead of masking odors with synthetic fragrances or removing them with dangerous chemicals, Ecosorb uses natural ingredients to seek out and destroy odor molecules.

What is Ecosorb made from?

All Ecosorb water-based products use proprietary blends of natural plant oils, bio-based surfactants and pure water to eliminate odors. No harsh chemicals, fake scents, or toxic ingredients. Ecosorb products come in concentrated formulations, diluted liquid, continuous-release gels, and spray gels.

How does Ecosorb remove odors?

While amazingly effective, the science behind Ecosorb odor neutralizers are simple. The chemical processes involved are adsorption, absorption, gas solubility and reaction.

(1) Contact

Ecosorb is delivered into an area affected by odors and attracts to odor molecules.

(2) Adsorption

Ecosorb attaches to odor molecules.

(3) Absorption

Ecosorb surrounds odor molecules, neutralizing their smell

Is Ecosorb safe?

Ecosorb is strong enough to battle the worst odors yet safe for people and the environment. Its plant-based formula is non-toxic and does not rely on harmful chemicals to be effective. Workers and residents can be around Ecosorb without being harmed.

How can I purchase Ecosorb?

Contact our team to learn how Ecosorb can address your unique odor problems. Our experienced engineers and chemists can design a customized solution to fit your needs.

What is OMI Industries?

OMI Industries is the leader in natural, safe, complete odor removal. With nearly 30 years of odor-neutralizing experience —  from landfills to refineries to wastewater treatment facilities  — OMI Industries is the go-to odor problem solvers. Learn more about OMI Industries at