Cannabis Odor Control for Grow Rooms & Cultivation

Remove odors from growing cannabis, naturally and safely.

Grow Room Odor Control

When in the flowering phase, marijuana plants produce a pungent smell that is often unpleasant. This skunk-like smell can be amplified when grow rooms or cultivation areas are handling a large amount of the crop. The main component that causes the unpleasant odor is a terpene called myrcene, which could be pretty high in some strains of marijuana.

The odor can become so unpleasant that nearby residents often complain about the smell, which can be detected more than a mile from the cultivation area or grow room. Local governments have increased efforts to crack down on the odor, facilities often need a cannabis odor mitigation plan before they can open. However, existing grow rooms are subjected to hefty fines if their odors are detectable or if nearby residents complain. Cannabis odor complaints have increased by as much as 87% in certain areas.

To combat the odors and fines that come with them, Ecosorb offers natural and effective cannabis odor control solutions for green rooms, grow rooms, and more.

Want to learn more about the science behind cannabis odors? Download our eBook to discover the source of cannabis odors and the best methods for controlling them.

Cannabis Odor Solution Challenges

Finding an effective cannabis odor mitigation method is challenging.

  • Most municipalities now restrict how commercial cannabis grow operations handle odors.
  • Large-scale ventilation systems that pump untreated air outdoors can be prohibited in some urban areas.
  • Industrial filtration systems can be costly to install, operate and maintain.
  • Enclosing a greenhouse can cause overheating and harmful rising of humidity.
  • Some grow room odor control solutions require the use of water to distribute, adding additional costs and equipment (especially in areas of water conservation)
  • Multiple partners are often needed for equipment, materials, setup and maintenance

How to Control Cannabis Odor

Natural odor control solutions, such as Ecosorb CNB 100, are an effective, budget-friendly, and environmentally-friendly solution for industrial cannabis odor control. CNB 100 is designed to be administered through several delivery solutions and can be combined with existing carbon or filtration systems for the perfect one-two punch.

Ecosorb’s cannabis odor control products destroy industrial cannabis odors at the source instead of masking the odors with a synethetic fragrances or harsh chemicals. Our natural solution is safe for use around people and animals, making it an ideal solution for grow rooms, greenhouse odor control, and more.

For over 25+ years, Ecosorb has been the trusted solution for organic and inorganic odor removal in many industries. Companies in cannabis cultivation, asphalt production, wastewater treatment, composting and food processing have trusted our products and proven them effective.

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Benefits of Ecosorb


Ecosorb uses the natural power of plant oils to remove odors, meaning no permits required.


Non-toxic, non-hazardous, biodegradable, non-flammable, and no harmful VOCs.


Verifiably, scientifically proven to work.


One supplier, from equipment to product to maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ecosorb CNB 100?

Ecosorb CNB Formulations are a natural odor eliminator designed for cannabis grow room, greenhouse, or processing facility odor control. It’s most commonly used as a liquid concentrate and delivered by vaporization mist around exhaust fans to scrub odors from escaping air. CNB 100 includes no masking agents, synthetic perfumes, harmful chemicals, VOC’s, or unsafe ingredients.

How does it work?

Our blend of natural plant oils eliminates odor-causing chemical compounds in cannabis — including cannabinoids, terpenes, and sesquiterpenes — without the drawbacks of other odor mitigation techniques. By breaking down odor molecules, it removes all smells from the air. Learn more about the science behind odors and CNB 100 in our helpful e-book.

What would I need to equip my facility?

Additionally, the distribution of Ecosorb requires no added water, thanks to advanced Vapor Phase technology. You just need the dispersion equipment and Ecosorb CNB 100, designed, engineered, installed, and maintained by Ecosorb’s odor control experts.

How is it different from carbon filtration?

Carbon filtration is used inside a facility to scrub air of odors. Ecosorb CNB 100 solutions are used outside a facility to eliminate remaining odors from escaping exhaust. When paired together, the combination effectively eliminates all odors.

Does it smell? Will my neighbors know I’m using it?

Because it is made from natural plant extracts, the aroma produced by CNB 100 is natural-smelling. However, as it works, CNB 100 eliminates all odors at the molecular level, including those from the product. What you’re left with is no detectable odors.

How do I get started?

Contact us and tell us more about your facility. Our experienced engineers can talk through your odor challenges and prescribe a solution tailored to your facility.

How to Use

Ecosorb CNB 100 can be used as constituted or diluted with water, based on delivery method. Distribution systems are placed where exhaust exits a growing facility, eliminating odors before they become a nuisance to neighbors.

OMI manufactures dispersion equipment for Ecosorb using Vapor Phase technology (no added water needed). However, Ecosorb can also be delivered through misting systems from other manufacturers. With our years of expertise and experience, OMI can plan and build custom solutions tailored to any facility, flexible enough to grow with your business.

Note: Ecosorb CNB 100 should not come in direct contact with the cannabis plant, water or growing soil.

Possible options include
  • Distribution equipment placed indoors or outside (weatherproofed for any climate)
  • Modular systems for individual greenhouses
  • Master, centralized systems for multiple growing areas
  • Automated controls that regulate dispersion
  • Integrated controls with existing systems
  • Custom Blends
Available Container Sizes
  • 5-gallon pails
  • 55-gallon drums
  • 275-gallon totes

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