Deliver Ecosorb with no added water.

Vaporization vs. Atomization

Unlike atomization, no added water is used in vaporization  — only undiluted Ecosorb®. Through OMI’s handcrafted Vapor Phase equipment, pure Ecosorb products are pumped through a perforated pipe distribution system, creating a dry vapor to eliminate airborne odors.

Because of the use of no water, vaporization allows for cost savings, water conservation, and a more eco-friendly delivery method.

Vapor Phase Delivery Systems

Vapor Phase systems deliver dry Ecosorb at rates as low as 130 Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) to a high of 2,400 CFM, making it adaptable for many different locations and applications. The experienced engineers at OMI have designed and built a range of delivery systems, tested and proven to remove odors in many industries. They can also develop made-to-order solutions, tailored to your unique needs.

Benefits of Vaporization

  • Smaller droplets, more absorption, better odor control
  • No added water required
  • Reduced costs
  • Flexible and efficient
  • No mixing or dilution
  • No nozzle maintenance in distribution system
  • Product will not freeze in distribution system

Small Spaces: 130 Stationary Unit

OMI’s 130 Stationary Vapor Phase Unit works well for small spaces such as sewer lifts, pump stations, control rooms, or trash rooms. And with its durable casing and no filter design, it is a simple, easy odor control solution.

Made of 14-gauge powder coated steel with a durable locking handle, the unit can be bolted to a concrete pad or to a unistrut rack. The unit has been designed to stand up to outside elements, but can also be used indoors.

This self-contained system requires only a power supply, which means no filters, complicated mixing equipment, pumps or nozzles. Simply pour 7 gallons of Ecosorb® into the product supply tank, lock the door, and let it work. Maintenance is limited to rinsing the product storage tank out every six months.

Heavy Duty Odor Control: 450-2400 Units

For outdoors, large spaces, or the strongest industrial odors, OMI’s 450-2400 Vapor Phase Units are recommended. These units can be calibrated to meet the odor control demands of wastewater plants, landfills, food processing factories, and other harsh odor environments. Our engineering team helps you select the correct unit based on product delivery rate, location (outdoors or indoors), budget constraints, and odor area size.

Each unit is customizable with optional features to meet any application and is equipped for Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) technology for increased output control. Included in PLC units is a touch screen interface, intake filter monitoring (for changing dirty filters), blower motor and liquid pump performance tracking, unit run times, air compressor/supply monitoring, and built-in timers for automated delivery.

All Unit Features / Options (Based on Unit)

  • Alternate voltage / power cordage
  • Heat and insulation
  • Wind sensors and controls
  • Timers: digital, mechanical, flip flop, multi-event
  • Tower lights
  • Low liquid level monitoring (with or without shutdown options)
  • System status monitoring box (with or without automatic control)
  • Intake filters
  • Plant air or onboard air setup
  • Intake positioning (front, back, side)
  • Vertical or horizontal discharge
  • Automatic or manual controls; touch screen on some units
  • Explosion-proof for use in hazardous environments (Class 1 Div 1 & 2)

Unit Comparison

UNIT Model Dimensions Power Capacity Other Features/Options
 Applications: Petrochemical Plants, Foundries, Food Processors, Wastewater Treatment, Landfills, Pulp & Paper, Soil Remediation
 2400  Contact us for more information.
 1200  71” x 36” x 48” / 930 lbs  480V,  Triple Phase, 60 Hz; 10 Amps
  • Allen Bradley PLC w color touch screen
  • Integrated timer
  • Run time meter
  • Remote monitoring
 600  71” x 36” x 48” / 930 lbs  480V,  Triple Phase, 60 Hz; 8 Amps
  • Drum / tote connection
  • Open-style framing
 450  42” x 42” x 36” / 600 lbs  480V,  Triple Phase, 60 Hz; 4.5 Amps  45 Gallon Liquid
  • Standard 6 in. outlet
  • Blower motor soft start
  • High pressure static version
 450 with PLC  44” x 36” x 68” / 600 lbs  480V, Triple Phase, 60Hz: 6 Amps
  • Larger open framing with corner protectors
  • Allen Bradley PLC w color touch screen
  • Alarm and service screens
  • Remote monitoring
 250  57” x 48” x 42” / 440 lbs  460V, 3 Phase, 60 HZ, 3.5 Amps  20 Gallon Liquid
  • Open-style framing
  • Conventional controls
  • Full system enclosure
 Applications: Sewer, Lift & Pump Stations; Trash Rooms; Refinery Control Rooms
 130  24” x 16” x 48” / 118 lbs  115V,  Single Phase, 60 Hz; 0.6 Amps  7 Gallon Liquid / 2-6 pints per day
  • Open discharge, no vapor ports
  • Lockable latch
 50  24” x 16” x 48” / 125 lbs  115V,  Single Phase, 60 Hz; 5 Amps  7 Gallon Liquid / 6-8 pints per day
  • Timer
  • Lockable latch
  • Full steel enclosure
  • Vapor ports / intake filter

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