Some facilities see mixed results from multimillion dollar ventilation system installations. Others use masking scents that only give temporary relief from troubling smells. But when it comes to giving relief for your employees and neighbors, only Ecosorb® by OMI Industries offers natural, safe, effective, and complete removal of industrial odors.


You know the scents: tropical breeze, cherry bomb, rose petal. They’re commonly used fragrances used to “hide” industrial odors. Despite the pleasant names, most masking fragrances are anything but natural. And other chemical-based odor removers can be harmful to the people who use or come into contact with them.

Ecosorb uses simple science to harness the power of plants as natural odor removers to create earth friendly industrial odor eliminators. Our proprietary blend of oils includes those from pine, aniseed, clove, lime and other sources tackle the toughest smells without dangerous side effects.

It all starts with the quality of raw materials we use. We use ingredients that come from nature, are sustainable, and do not hurt the environment. Each ingredient is quarantined and carefully tested before blended into Ecosorb.

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But even the best ingredients would be ruined by contaminated water. Our in-house reverse osmosis (RO) and carbon filtering systems create the purest water possible.


Ecosorb is strong enough to battle the worst odors  — from landfills to refineries to wastewater treatment facilities  — yet safe for people and the environment. Its plant-based formula is non-toxic and does not rely on harmful chemicals to be effective.

Human Toxicity

An independent laboratory tested Ecosorb products for human toxicity against Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Guidelines. In all cases – including acute oral toxicity, acute dermal toxicity, acute inhalation toxicity, primary eye irritation, primary dermal irritation and dermal sensitization – Ecosorb products received the safest possible classification.

Fish Toxicity

Ecosorb products were tested for fish toxicity to establish any potential problems from the spillage or use in an exposed water stream. The United States EPA testing standards listed below prove Ecosorb to be non-toxic to marine life:

  • EPA Method 72-2, Daphnia Magna
  • EPA Method 72-1, Fathead Minnow
  • EPA Method 72-1, Rainbow Trout
  • EPA Method 797-1300, Daphnia Magna
  • EPA Method 797-1400, Fathead Minnow
  • EPA Method 797-1400, Rainbow Trout

Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Analysis

Two independent laboratories tested Ecosorb products against EPA Method 624 and 8260 to ensure its use does not contribute to the total VOC output. Both tests showed no harmful VOCs.

Gas Testing

Ecosorb products were tested via a Gas Chromatograph on a range of gases that are common nuisance odors in industry. Gases tested were hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, ammonia, ethyl mercaptan and methyl mercaptan. Ecosorb showed a dramatic effect on each of these gases.

Safety Data Sheets (SDSs)

Ecosorb products conform with the United States Occupational, Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Federal Hazard Communication Standard 29 CFR 1910.1200 that requires manufacturers to be exact in the presentation of information on SDSs.


Detailed testing data proves Ecosorb works as an effective, earth-friendly industrial odor eliminator across a variety of markets. The odor-destroying powers of Ecosorb are supported by research by independent labs, universities, and olfactometry researchers. One field study found that Ecosorb eliminates 98.7% of odor-causing compounds and is 100% safe. This level of safety and effectiveness – something that sets Ecosorb apart from other odor control products.

Independent firms, both in the U.S. and internationally, were used to ensure accurate, unbiased results. We also continually test Ecosorb products and develop new custom blends in our state-of-the-art R&D center to ensure consistency, effectiveness, and quality.

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The experienced engineers at OMI work with each facility to create a total earth-friendly industrial odor eliminator solution, tailored to your needs.


Using our years of expertise in odor control, we match your odor problem to an existing Ecosorb blend. In some cases, a custom formula is needed to battle unique odor combinations. Chemists at OMI can determine the best mix of ingredients for each odor issue.


We manufacture and customize equipment to deliver Ecosorb, based on each application and its environment  — weather, delivery method, output volume and more.


Ecosorb delivery systems fully integrate with your existing equipment and processes. Our engineers work with your team to install and maintain a complete odor solution.

How Ecosorb Works

While amazingly effective, the science behind Ecosorb odor neutralizers are simple. The chemical processes involved are adsorption, absorption, gas solubility and reaction.


Ecosorb is delivered into an area affected by odors and attracts to odor molecules.


Ecosorb attaches to odor molecules.


Ecosorb surrounds odor molecules, neutralizing their smell

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