Add Ecosorb during manufacturing to remove product odors

Mix in Ecosorb to Leave Out Odors

Industrial odors caused by manufacturing  — especially in plastics, rubber, and asphalt  — can embed themselves in the end product. And no one wants a smelly product.

Ecosorb® industrial odor control uses natural ingredients to safely remove the odors of your product without changing the physical properties of your end product.

Ecosorb odor control additive does not replace one odor for another. Your product will not have to take a perfumed aroma to address the existing odor concern. It does not mask industrial odors with fruit or flower fragrances that may not fit with your product. Instead, they eliminate malodors for good.

Benefits of Additives

  • Removes odors from end product
  • Does not affect product characteristics
  • Effective even in heavy duty manufacturing

Industries Used



Featured Case Studies

National Asphalt

Plant sought additive product to solve odors from hot mix emissions.

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