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CBD Manufacturing Company Odor Control

Odor Challenge

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the non-psychoactive chemical compound in cannabis plants, considered a Schedule I substance and illegal in the United States until 2018. A CBD manufacturing company, located in California, is known to be the leading supplier of CBD to Canopy Growth, the largest cannabis product company in the world. The company offers complete hemp CBD extraction services ranging from refinement services to pharma grade extraction. Their labs also produce up to 1000 Kg/month of CBD oil and a growing of CBD products.

The CBD processing lab needed to find an effective odor abatement system to help lessen disruption in their community. Their 25,000 square foot Oakland, CA facility – where they research and develop CBD and related products – borders two schools, businesses, gyms, and a residential neighborhood.

“It’s the perception of CBD and hemp that made our facility smells an issue,” explained the facility’s co-founder and president. “People have no problems with coffee shop smells or bakeries down the street. Or KFC, who smothers the air with chicken oil smells and gets no complaints. But hemp terpenes are not OK, even though they’re non-toxic. 

The facility had five government agencies knocking on their door within the first month of opening. They were being pestered by people claiming the company was an illegal operation of a marijuana facility, not understanding that the lab was utilizing hemp. A neighbor even wrote a letter to the mayor of Oakland on behalf of a nearby school complaining that students were getting sick from exhaust from the facility. 

“People do not care about the smell inside a cannabis facility, they care about the smells that go out,” the president said.   

Previous odor solutions they tried included highpowered CFM ventilators that were designed to scrub the air. However, this equipment did not solve the odor problem. 

The smell isn’t a bad smell, but it is sweet and abundant,” he said. Their team continued to look for a more effective solution. That is when they turned to Ecosorb. 


To solve their odor issues, Ecosorb recommended two 75 CFM vaporization units at the facility exhaust areas, pumping its proven blend of plant-based odor eliminators — CNB 100. The formulation is vaporized at escaping air and neutralizes smells from odor molecules before they reach area businesses and residents. 

“We learned how to adjust level of product based on the odor control we need,” said the president. At first, we had it cranking out, and then realized we could lower the intensity and still effectively remove the smells.” 

The company has been using Ecosorb for five months. Following the adoption of Ecosorb, the company and surrounding community have noticed an immediate impact. 

“Your stuff is a miracle. Previous solutions did not eliminate odors even close to Ecosorb.  

The fact that it’s an organic material offering full smell abatement is amazing,” he added. 


Before Ecosorb was usedthe town of Emoryville was in the process of evicting the CBD manufacturing company because of the smells produced by their facilityHowever, once Ecosorb’s technology and chemistry were implemented, the smell has been completely eradicated, according to their staff. 

“It’s a product that works 100%,” said the president. The local fire department came in with all smiles, and the air quality control workers called to say, thank you for making our job easier.’”  

I wanted to give the Ecosorb team 20 million hugs. am so happy.”  

We’re in business today because of Ecosorb.

Odors Controlled:
  • Hemp plants
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