Cannabis Greenhouse Odor Control

Remove greenhouse odors naturally and safely with Ecosorb.

Greenhouse Odor Control

As a leading provider of industrial odor control solutions, Ecosorb understands the importance of fighting odor safely and effectively no matter the source. Cannabis is an emerging industry with many unique challenges, one of which is greenhouse odor control

To combat this challenge, Ecosorb offers natural, plant-based commercial greenhouse odor control solutions designed for cannabis operations of all sizes.

What Causes Cannabis Greenhouse Smell?

Odors from processing organic material like industrial composting and remediation are difficult to manage. In the cannabis industry in particular, any greenhouse odor solution needs to be both safe to use around people and effective at eliminating powerful odors that carry over long distances.

One of the reasons cannabis has such a distinct odor is its chemical complexity. Terpenoids and terpenes contain complex scent profiles with notes across the smell spectrum. This is why some strains have a distinct skunky smell while others have fruity notes. 

Terpenoids can then be broken down into monoterpenoids, sesquiterpenoids, diterpenoids, and triterpenoids. These chemical compounds are important to note because they all contain their own alcohols, ethers, and ketones that play a large role in the cannabis smell. 

When cannabis is grown and stored in large-scale facilities, like greenhouses, greenhouse odor control becomes necessary to reduce airborne nuisances for surrounding areas.

Why is Greenhouse Odor Control Important

The odors associated with cannabis cultivation are often described as pungent, skuky, floral, fruit, even “sewer-like.” As the plant grows and is exposed to oxygen and preservatives, these processes cause a noticeable smell that can often be detected from miles away. This makes commercial greenhouse odor control crucial when growing and storing cannabis.  

Cannabis cultivation is a newer industry across many areas of the United States and cannabis use is still met with stigma. That’s why discrete grow operations by minimizing greenhouse smell allows growers to safely cultivate their product while respecting residences and businesses in the area.

In places where new cannabis greenhouses have popped up, complaints from neighboring residents and businesses can threaten their viability. Local governments have increasingly issued citations, fines, and other legal penalties on grow facilities who do not effectively control odors. In other places, citizens and businesses have sued greenhouses for the foul smells they produce.

Greenhouse Odor Control Equipment and Systems

Commercial cannabis operations are intricate with many moving parts, which are required to maintain the proper environment for growing the finicky marijuana plant. It’s important to incorporate a commercial greenhouse odor control system that reflects the precision with which growers care for their plants.

The biggest challenge to any new technology is maintaining the integrity of climate control systems and the chemical makeup of the cannabis plants. Odor control systems must remove odors while not damaging or changing the taste or smell of plants themselves. This makes some methods unusable.

Open-Air Greenhouses

One of the main drawbacks of open-air greenhouses is emissions leaking into surrounding areas. Large-scale, open grow facilities don’t have climate control systems or ways to filter or funnel odorous emissions. This often leads to issues with greenhouse odors permeating surrounding areas and detectable by residences and businesses nearby. 

Controlling odors in these open-air greenhouses is extremely difficult. Because of this and the challenge of managing climate factors, many cannabis cultivators have moved to enclosed greenhouses.

Enclosed Greenhouses

Sealed greenhouses are a relatively new innovation in cannabis cultivation. They allow growers to create controllable climates for their plants and mitigate some of the odor problems that often occur with open-air greenhouses. However, cannabis in such large quantities can create odors that linger even in the most controlled facility. 

Ecosorb Vapor Phase Technology is a highly adaptive, external odor control tool that uses dry mist to tackle stubborn odors from growing cannabis. With a pressurized distribution method, Vapor Phase systems evenly disperse Ecsorb’s plant-based CNB 100 via ducting installed around greenhouse exhaust fans. This proprietary blend, chemically designed to combat cannabis odors, absorbs escaping exhaust odors without coming into contact with plants. 

This discrete approach is easy to supplement with other commercial greenhouse equipment, like carbon air filtration, and integrates seamlessly into any grow operation.

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