This is an excerpt of an article featured in the April / May 2020 issue of Testing & Terpenes magazine.

As more states ramp up legal cannabis production, it’s important that their new cultivation businesses learn from the challenges that previous states have had. One primary concern that is often overlooked is odor control.

However, controlling odors is easier said than done for new cultivation facilities and businesses. Many odor control solutions require sophisticated engineering, expensive permitting, or costly equipment, including multi-million dollar ventilation systems.

Consider Odor Control from the Start

In most municipalities where cannabis production is legal, there are city or county ordinances that require odor control program approval before permit approval. When companies apply for permits, they have to draft their game plan, and that plan must include odor mitigation – how it will work, the type of system, and the science behind how it functions.

With odor control becoming standard in many application processes, cultivators must take it seriously or risk citations for noncompliance. Their ability to respond to these citations can easily determine which facility can get off the ground.

Providers of cannabis odor control solutions can work with cultivators and their communities to help alleviate odor issues. For instance, we provide information to growers and local regulators on how our product functions and why it’s safe for employees, work environments, and the surrounding community.

As cannabis production is introduced into more communities, it’s important to consider proactive odor control from a regulatory compliance and community conflict standpoint. As a business owner, ensuring you’re keeping the air stream odor-and chemical-free is being a proper steward of the land your business operates on.

Dr. Laura Haupert, Ph.D., is the Director of Research & Development at OMI Industries, the world’s authority on natural odor control solutions. OMI produces Ecosorb CNB 100, the plant-based odor eliminator designed specifically for combatting cannabis grow odors.

Plant-Based Odor Control for Cannabis

This detailed resource explains why cannabis plants produce such pungent odors and compares common techniques for removing nuisance smells.

What you’ll learn in this eBook:

  • Science of terpenes — the odor-causing chemicals in cannabis
  • Most common odor control methods for cannabis grows
  • Introduction to natural, plant-based odor removers
  • Comparison of odor solutions and technologies
  • Case study of cannabis grow facility who effectively removed odors