Wheaton Sanitation District Odor Problems Solved

By February 9, 2016 Ecosorb at Work

It used to be that wastewater treatment facilities were located far from homes, restaurants, businesses and parks. However, urban sprawl in many cities has changed this landscape, and many treatment plants now exist in heavily populated areas.

As was recently highlighted in this Water & Waste Digest article, about OMI Industries’ sanitation client – the Wheaton Sanitation district – this demographic shift has created significant odor challenges for wastewater treatment plants.

The Wheaton Sanitation District in Wheaton, Ill, is not far from Chicago. It features many new residential homes, as well as newly built baseball fields, schools and community parks in close proximity to the wastewater treatment plant. The District was badly in need of eco-friendly odor management solutions that were safe for its employees, neighbors and the environment.

“In order to minimize odor complaints, we decided to take a proactive odor management approach,” said Sue Baert, plant superintendent for the Wheaton Sanitation District. “We wanted a system that used eco-friendly solutions that were both highly effective and safe for employees, as well as the community and the environment at large.”

As with many wastewater treatment plants, the Wheaton Sanitation District found that its sludge handling areas often produced the strongest odor. Through its partnership with OMI Industries, the facility solved its odor challenge by developing an atomization solution using Ecosorb.

It contains no hazardous volatile organic compounds, and is safe for both humans and the environment. The product also has been tested against U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Guidelines, and received the safest possible classification.

By developing a proactive odor management approach, the Wheaton Sanitation District was able to significantly cut down on complaints, while also ensuring that the environment is not negatively impacted, showing that it is possible to be a good neighbor by mitigating odors in a way that is safe for everyone.

For the full article and more details on how the Wheaton Sanitation District tackled its odor problems, click here.


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