In the following WEFTEC 2017 video, Brian McLaughlin, Director of Sales and Marketing; and Dr. Laura Haupert, Director of Research & Development, both of OMI Industries, shared their insights on eco-friendly odor control with WaterWorld Magazine.

With a 25-year legacy of providing safe and effective odor control for wastewater treatment, OMI Industries continues to lead the way when it comes to helping wastewater treatment facilities be the best neighbor to their communities.

From evaluation by our chemists and engineering teams, to equipment design and installation, to ongoing support and services, OMI Industries provides a 360-degree approach to ensuring that any wastewater treatment facility is able to fight bad odors – all with a very minimal capital investment.

In addition, much of OMI Industries’ success comes down to the effectiveness of the Ecosorb® family, which is comprised of 197 individual solutions, and the ability to develop custom blends for any challenging application. Comprised of a proprietary blend of plant oils, Ecosorb® seeks out and destroys organic and inorganic odors on a molecular level.

If you are a wastewater treatment plant manager and seeking new and safe ways for tackling foul odors, please contact OMI Industries here.


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