Case Study

Poultry Processing Facility Taking Charge of Odor Problem

Odor Challenge

One of the largest poultry processors in the U.S. is located in Ohio, just outside a large metropolitan city. With their customer-driven philosophy, the company strives to be innovative in all their practices. This includes a full commitment to ethical and humane treatment of their poultry. 

Their main facility is positioned between an industrial business park and a residential area. A major highway helps divide the poultry processing company from a large neighborhood community. Complaints from nearby residents were starting to pile up due to waste from digester and its strong septic smell.  

The company had been using an unusual type of odor removing system with the hopes of controlling the problem. The cost of the system was very expensive with additional charges per drum of product. The company also implemented a high-pressure misting system from the same supplier. This misting system intended to skim the odor-causing fats and grease off wastewater and collect them for disposal. Although they were using two different types of odor removing methods, neither of these processes were working effectively. 


Through online research, the food processing company discovered and contacted Ecosorb. The engineers at Ecosorb proposed a plan to eliminate smells, recommending Ecosorb 606G for the grease skimmer areas and fatty acids, and Ecosorb 606O for other areas needing odor control.  

Ecosorb 606G and 606O are odor neutralizers diluted with water in order to absorb, react, and remove odor molecules instead of simply masking the smells. Each blend is custom-designed to counteract the specific qualities of grease and fatty acid odors. The equipment needed was already in place from the previous supplier, so only minor adjustments were needed to make the implementation process seamless. 


The company is extremely pleased with the ease of use, efficiency, and effectiveness of Ecosorb. The removal of odors has allowed them to thrive at their state-of-the-art facilities and keep a commitment to quality and service to customers, staff, and surrounding community. Odor complaints have been reduced, smells mitigated, and all without having to employ harsh chemicals or unsafe solutions. 

In addition to the product cost being half of what it was before, the company doesn’t need to use as much as previous solutions. They are very happy with the results and would recommend to any food processing facility facing similar issues. 

Odors Controlled:
  • Grease skimmer areas
Products Used:
  • Ecosorb 606G
  • Ecosorb 606O

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