Case Study

Pet Food Manufacturer With Neighbor Complaints Needed Solution

Odor Challenge

One of the largest pet food manufacturers in the U.S. is located in Georgia, just West of the border of South Carolina. The company manufactures wet and dry pet foods of all kinds (using seafood, chicken, beef, and other ingredients). Significant amounts of wastewater is produced from the facility’s processes and collected on-site. With neighbors as close as a few hundred yards, they needed an effective odor solution.

Recently, their large wastewater collection area began receiving complaints from nearby neighbors — who reside as close as a few hundred yards away. With their passion for pets and people, the company makes safety their top priority.


A few years prior to the influx of new complaints, engineers at Ecosorb installed an air atomization system at a wastewater tank as a polishing agent. It worked so well, the company’s leaders contacted Ecosorb to expand into the larger collection areas.

The new area included four large tanks that needed to be treated (two equalization basins, a bioreactor, and a denitrification tank). The engineers installed a 1200 CFM Vapor Phase Unit delivering Ecosorb 806, a proprietary blend of essential oils, surfactant, and water designed specially for the chemical makeup of wastewater odors. These wastewater odors include the odorous gases off of compounds such as chicken, beef, and seafood. This unit is wrapped around the perimeter of each of the four tanks. 


Since the installation of the Vapor Phase units, the company has been pleased with the results. In the early stages, flow rates and concentrations took some calibration to find the perfect settings. But since then, neighbor complaints have dropped significantly.

“Ecosorb has made a significant difference at the facility,” says Brian Hayes, Ecosorb Field Sales Manager. “They will potentially be using Ecosorb at other sites as a preventative measure.”

The engineers at Ecosorb implemented a service and warranty plan, as well. This includes the quarterly routine maintenance and upkeep visits from Ecosorb’s equipment engineers. This ensures that systems is run efficiently at all times.

Odors Controlled:
  • Pet food: Seafood, chicken, beef
  • Different product / odor every day
Products Used:
  • 1200 CFM Vapor Phase
  • Ecosorb 806

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