Case Study

Clear-Cut Cannabis Plant Odor Control

Odor Challenge

An increasing number of states in the US are legalizing medical and recreational marijuana use. As a result, more growing operations around the country are forming to support product demand. While these operations proliferate, some communities they grow in are discovering a distinct issue – the odor produced from cannabis production and harvest.

Complaints of cannabis odors have increased in some areas by as much as 87% since the legalization of marijuana production.

Particularly, one growing operation in the Midwest was experiencing high odor emission from their facility. Neighbors in the surrounding area began to take issue with the odor – a challenge the facility needed to solve.

In the spirit of being a good neighbor, the cannabis operation undertook attempts to help reduce the amount of odor emitting from the facility. After testing dozens of products over a six-month period to cut down the distinct, potent smell, the operation turned to OMI Industries.


To solve their odor issues, OMI immediately recommended Ecosorb CNB100. CNB100 was designed specifically for the cannabis growing industry and related odors, making it a perfect solution for this operation.

A natural odor remover, CNB100 blends purified water and natural plant oils to eliminate odor-causing chemical compounds in cannabis, including cannabinoids, terpenes, and sesquiterpenes.

“CNB100 was designed specifically for cannabis production,” said Steve Lattis, Operations Director at OMI Industries. “Each growing operation in this industry is extremely unique, so we created a product to fit the individuals needs of each grower and facility.”

Ecosorb CNB100 can be used as constituted or diluted with water, based on delivery method. At this specific cannabis facility, the product is being diluted 300:1 and then atomized through a high-pressure atomization system – eliminating odor before it becomes a nuisance to neighbors.


After trying dozens of products, the cannabis facility finally experienced the proper odor control they needed with CNB100. With the odor no longer a nuisance to their neighbors, they can now focus on production, like any growing operation should.

“Whatever industry we operate in, our goal is to eliminate issues with production and reduce its effect in the area,” said Lattis. “When cannabis growers have the ability to reduce the effect of their operation, they eliminate preventable issues with their production.”

Odors Controlled:
  • Cannabis plants
  • Grow facility emissions
Products Used:

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