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Cannabis Odor Control

Odor Challenge

When a cannabis enterprise planned their new state-of- the-art, 4,000 square foot marijuana cultivation operation in Lakeville, Massachusetts, they knew odor control would be a definite need. Because of the stigma of cannabis, even in a legal state like Massachusetts, the owners of the new venture did not want to draw any unneeded negative attention – like complaints from neighboring businesses or citizens.

“We want to be good neighbors,” the company’s Principal told local Planning Board members at a recent public hearing.

Located in a busy commercial area, within a mile from residential neighborhoods, apartment complexes, chain restaurants and retail stores, several schools, and two golf courses, the cannabis enterprise needed a solution to eliminate any trace of odor. Both medicinal and recreational marijuana is grown and processed on site, in addition to a kitchen for producing edible products, all which create strong odors.

As part of their permitting process, owners had to guarantee they would not emit “noxious, harmful, hazardous” odors into the surrounding neighborhood, as required by the special regulations in Lakeville’s zoning bylaws. The municipality’s Planning Board required assurances for odor control compliance, specifically the prohibition of odors escaping the building.


The company invested “a small fortune” on an internal charcoal filtration system to remove odors before the air recirculates inside the facility. “We’re completely enclosed, and the (odorous) air stays in there,” Brady said.

In addition, the facility uses UV technology in the exhaust to remove odors escaping into the surrounding air. To ensure absolutely zero odors became a nuisance to the area, Ecosorb engineers installed a perimeter vaporization system on the roof to act as a polishing agent. The system continuously mists dry vapor CNB 100 natural odor eliminator to scrub leftover odors from the air before it leaves the vicinity.

Ecosorb’s CNB 100 blend of plant oils is chemically designed to neutralize complex odor molecules produced by cannabis plants. Because of a natural ingredient composition and the ability to be delivered without added water, Ecosorb CNB 100 is a safer, more eco-friendly alternative to other odor control methods with less maintenance and a greater overall effectiveness.


The cannabis enterprise and, more importantly, their neighbors have been pleased with the results. Ecosorb’s vaporization system is effectively eliminating all discernable malodors produced from the cultivation of cannabis.

Odors Controlled:
  • Cannabis plants
Products Used:
  • Ecosorb CNB 100
  • 450 CFM Vapor System

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