Case Study

Asphalt Plant Odor Control in North Carolina

Odor Challenge

A hot mix asphalt plant located in a rural area of North Carolina has a community of neighbors living approximately a quarter mile away. They began complaining about strong odors from the plant.

The plant typically has several trucks a day arriving at the plant to offload liquid asphalt, with a volume that fluctuates depending on workload. The general amount of liquid asphalt is 6,000 gallons per truck, pumping into two 10,000-gallon tanks and one 20,000-gallon tank. In addition, a 16,000-gallon fuel tank accepts reprocessed motor oil #4.


The asphalt plant, already keen on being a “proactive good neighbor,” addressed these odor issues by contacting us. With over 25 years of neutralizing odors in the asphalt industry, OMI Industries has experience in addressing the complex odor issues in the market.

OMI responded quickly, and after an initial phone conference to establish the details of the problem, one of the company’s field sales engineers visited the facility. We recommended Ecosorb® additives, mixed directly into the asphalt. Ecosorb asphalt additives were successful in eliminating the odors from the facility by reducing hydrocarbon emissions during production and transport of hot mix asphalt.

OMI’s additive injection equipment automates the process of feeding Ecosorb products into liquid AC or waste oil received at an asphalt plant. In this case, the customer chose to manually add the Ecosorb asphalt additive as the liquid AC and waste oil are offloaded on-site. This facility is using Ecosorb 206A at a feed rate of 0.7 gallons per 25 ton load of liquid AC. For the fuel oil, a feed rate of 1.5 gallons of Ecosorb 206A per 25 ton load is used.


The results proved superlative. Odor complaints dropped off dramatically. As the asphalt plant manager reported, “It is very rare that we get a call from anyone about odors. Ecosorb products continue to work very well for us here.”

Odors Controlled:
  • Hydrocarbon emissions from hot mix asphalt
Products Used:
  • Ecosorb 206A additive

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