Case Study

Basin Odor Control for Agriculture Chemical Production

Odor Challenge

A Midwest agricultural plant manufactures herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, and insecticides. Strict environmental regulations require the company to capture and neutralize all surface runoff and grey water produced at the plant before disposing into the municipal system.

In addition, air permits prohibit any odors to cross their fence lines. As the water collects into their neutralization basin, strong odors are commonly produced and need to be removed.


OMI Industries responded quickly, conducting a robust site survey. We concluded the best solution would be three drum-top foggers pushing a mist of Ecosorb 606 above the neutralization basin. The foggers atomize the Ecosorb into a fine mist, producing droplets which float over a wide area.


  • Odors neutralized.
  • Continuous compliance with air permits and environmental regulations.
  • No odor complaints from surrounding neighbors.
Odors Controlled:
  • Chemical runoff
  • Grey water
Products Used:

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