With round-the-year hot temperatures, wastewater treatment facilities in the Middle East have to deal with a wide-range of odor challenges. In addition, high-levels of hydrogen sulfide emissions can be problematic due to excessive heat, and potentially be dangerous to plant employees and neighboring residences.

With summertime temperatures often above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, sewage also breaks down much quicker in the waste transfer lines. To counter expanded hydrogen sulfide emissions from this process, many plant managers make costly investments into caustic scrubbers.

This investment is often required for safety reasons. When it comes to hydrogen sulfide emissions, even the lowest level of exposure can be highly toxic. In the United States, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), has stated that concentrations of 100 ppm or greater being “immediately dangerous to life and health.”

Compounding this challenge is that fact that the Middle East has tremendous water shortages. In regions like Qatar, for example, there is more infrastructure investment in wastewater treatment facilities to recycle water to help support crop irrigation.

These were the key themes of a recent World Water Magazine article written by Dr. Laura Haupert, Director of Research and Development for OMI Industries. The article also highlights how Ecosorb® 5000S is an ideal solution for municipal and wastewater treatment plants in the Middle East.

Much more cost-effective than traditional scrubbers, Ecosorb® 5000S is a game-changing water-based solution that fights wastewater treatment odors, while also reducing hydrogen sulfide emissions by over 95 percent.

Please click here to read the full article. In addition, if you are a plant manager for a wastewater treatment facility in the Middle East, and would like to learn more about OMI’s solutions, please contact us here.




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