WaterWorld Magazine: OMI Industries Helps Colorado Springs Utilities Be a Good Neighbor

By July 18, 2016 Ecosorb at Work

In the wastewater treatment arena, being fully productive while also combating odors can be a major challenge – especially when it comes to dealing with potential complaints from neighboring residents and businesses.

The Colorado Springs Utilities faced this exact scenario with its Las Vegas Street Water Resource Recovery Facility. With urban development continuing around the facility, there was a heightened expectation that any odor problems would be immediately countered.

After researching a number of odor mitigation options – many of which came with a price tag in the millions – Colorado Springs Utilities decided to implement OMI Industries’ 450CFM Vapor Phase unit, which uses Ecosorb® to neutralize foul odors without the use of masking agents.

These are some insights from a recent WaterWorld Magazine article by OMI Industries’ Dr. Laura Haupert, Director of Research and Development, and Ron Mulford, Equipment Division Manager.

The article also highlighted how the facility uses a wind-monitoring system that automatically powers up the equipment when the wind is headed toward a neighboring industrial and commercial complex.

In addition, Colorado Springs Utilities chose OMI Industries’ vaporization solution because it does not use water, which means that the outside lines will not freeze in the winter.

Since the system has been put into place – and when it is in use – there have been no odor complaints, even in the summer when many wastewater treatment plants have to contend with increased foul odor problems due to the heat.

Click here to read the full article. In addition, if you are a plant manager at a wastewater treatment facility, and would like to learn more about OMI Industries’ eco-friendly odor mitigation solutions, please contact us here.


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