In the following Water Online Water Talk podcast interview at WEFTEC 2017, Dr. Laura Haupert, Director of Research & Development at OMI Industries, discusses how eco-friendly odor control is truly taking hold in the wastewater treatment arena.

For more than 25 years, OMI Industries has specialized in the development of natural solutions to eliminate wastewater treatment odors. As highlighted by the high-level of attendee interest at WEFTEC 2017, the company’s solutions are garnering major interest in the marketplace.

The reasons for OMI Industries solutions being embraced by many wastewater treatment plants come down to our natural, effective odor removing technology, which is safe to use around both employees and neighboring residents. In addition, wastewater facilities do not require a major capital investment to use our solutions for developing a comprehensive, 360-degree odor control plan.

Following are some additional key points that Dr. Haupert discussed in the Water Talk podcast:

– Background on OMI Industries’ legacy of providing eco-friendly odor abatement for wastewater treatment plants. (1:22)

– More about the safety and science behind OMI Industries’ Ecosorb solution. (2:50)

– OMI Industries’ comprehensive odor control programs. (6:00)

– How easy it is for wastewater treatment plants to switch to OMI Industries’ solutions. (8:24)

If you are a wastewater treatment plant manager, and are seeking out new and safe ways for tackling foul odors, please contact OMI Industries here.


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