VIDEO: OMI Industries Launches Ecosorb® 5000S at WEFTEC 2016

By October 26, 2016 Product & Company News

In the wastewater treatment arena, one of the biggest challenges is dealing with foul odors, while also reducing dangerous emissions such as hydrogen sulfide.

In fact, according to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), hydrogen sulfide emissions can be toxic at even the lowest levels, with concentrations of 100 ppm or greater being “immediately dangerous to life and health.”

This is why OMI Industries recently launched Ecosorb® 5000S at WEFTEC 2016. A revolutionary new water-based solution that fights municipal and wastewater treatment odors, Ecosorb® 5000S also reduces hydrogen sulfide emissions by over 95 percent.

In addition to reducing emissions from hydrogen sulfide, as well as mercaptans, amines and thioethers, the solution offers strong odor control across a broad spectrum of odorous compounds including acids and bases, and is completely biodegradable.

At WEFTEC 2016, we had the special opportunity of being interviewed by Water World Magazine about Ecosorb® 5000S. For more information please view the video below where Brian McLaughlin, Director of Industrial Sales and Marketing, at OMI, and Dr. Laura Director of Research and Development at OMI, discuss this revolutionary solution.

If you are an industrial or municipal wastewater treatment plant manager, and would like more information about Ecosorb® 5000S, please contact us here.

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