The production of hot mix paving asphalt generates odors that can be strong, persistent, and a nuisance to employees and neighbors alike. Controlling and abating these odors is a challenge.

One particular plant located in a rural area of North Carolina, with a community of neighbors living approximately a quarter mile away, understandably began complaining about odors from the plant.

The asphalt plant, already keen on being a “proactive good neighbor,” sought to address these odor issues by contacting OMI Industries, which recommended using Ecosorb® asphalt additives, a proprietary blend of natural essential oils and plant extracts.

OMI’s additive injection equipment automates the process of feeding Ecosorb products into liquid AC or waste oil received at an asphalt plant. In this case, the customer chose to manually add the Ecosorb asphalt additive as the liquid AC and waste oil are offloaded on-site.

The Ecosorb asphalt additives were 100 percent successful in eliminating the odors from this facility by reducing hydrocarbon emissions during production and transport of hot mix asphalt.

Odor complaints dropped off dramatically. As the asphalt plant manager reported, “It is very rare that we get a call from anyone about odors. Ecosorb products continue to work very well for us here.”

For the full case study and more details on how to neutralize asphalt plant odor, click here.


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