In today’s era of sustainability and recycling, there are many new efforts to reclaim leftover food scraps and convert them into natural liquid fertilizers. These efforts expand beyond consumer composting, and are being implemented on an industrial scale. But there are consequences, albeit unintended, to the process.

For example, a food-processing factory in Seattle that is converting food into natural fertilizers contended with foul odors emanating from the factory. This has understandably caused the plant to receive multiple complaints from neighbors.

To eliminate the odors, which come from exhaust stacks during the final stages of fertilizer production, not only was an effective solution needed, but also a natural one that kept with the company’s mission to produce natural products.

After a thorough search, the company went with OMI Industries. Ecosorb® products were proposed – which use natural ingredients to eliminate industrial smells without the need for harsh chemicals or masking fragrances.

The solution called for an air atomization system to abate the food-processing odor. One extended nozzle would be inserted into their exhaust stack after the industrial exhaust fan. Ecosorb® products would then be delivered to the nozzle using a compressor set to pump 2 to 4 gallons of product per day.

Once the system was implemented, complaints from neighbors immediately decreased. Plant managers were not only pleased with how well the Ecosorb® products and nozzle system worked on the odors, but also they were completely happy with the solution being natural and safe for the environment.

The facility plans on expanding in the future, and will keep Ecosorb® products and systems as an integral part of their planning process.

For the full case study and more details on how to neutralize food-processing odors, click here.

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