In countless counties and towns throughout the U.S., there are ongoing new stories about wastewater treatment odors negatively impacting nearby residents and businesses. From Sioux City, Iowa to Tucson, Arizona, there has been a rise in odor complaints that often make their way into the media, as well as become contentious agenda items in many town council meetings.

As we have highlighted before, one of the challenges of managing a wastewater treatment plant is the ongoing residential and commercial development that made once faraway neighbors now seem very close. With proximity being a major issue, plant managers need to develop the right odor management strategies that are both safe and effective.

Fortunately, OMI Industries is offering the following real-world examples of wastewater treatment plants that have effectively met this challenge:

Wheaton Sanitation District: Over the past several years, this wastewater treatment plant found many new neighbors, including residences, as well as newly built baseball fields, schools and community parks. As with many wastewater treatment plants, the Wheaton Sanitation District found that its sludge handling areas often produced the strongest odor – and the most complaints. Thankfully, through its partnership with OMI Industries, the facility solved its odor challenge by developing an atomization solution using Ecosorb®.

Colorado Springs Utilities: With urban development continuing around this facility, there was a heightened expectation that any odor problems would be immediately countered. After researching a number of odor mitigation options – many of which came with a price tag in the millions – Colorado Springs Utilities decided to install a OMI Industries’ 450CFM Vapor Phase unit, which uses Ecosorb® to neutralize foul odors without the use of masking agents. Since the system has been put into place, there have been no odor complaints.

Aguas del Altiplano: Even on a global scale, many countries with hot temperatures have to contend with foul odors coming from wastewater facilities. In Chile, the Aguas del Altiplano’s wastewater treatment plant in Alto Hospicio had odors coming from its facultative lagoons — negatively impacting residential neighborhoods. The facility opted to install an OMI Vapor Phase 1200 CFM system for the perimeter around the facultative lagoons. The new system now generates sub-micron sized droplets of the Ecosorb® 606, which was able to significantly neutralize the odorous gases.

Thankfully, it is possible to easily counter the rising tide of odor complaints from neighbors with the right eco-friendly odor control solutions that are effective and safe for everyone.

If you are a wastewater treatment plant manager, and would like more information about how to develop the right odor management strategies, please contact us here.

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